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 ECU Diagnostic and remapping software



 OBD Car Diagnostic Software will allow you to use your OBD tool coomunicate with the vehicle. There are 9 different pieces of software included on the disc for your use. Mnay of these programs are used by professional mechanics and you are charged a heft sum for the report. You can now get this information for FREE. Almost all cars have OBD 2 ports as it was a legal requirement for them to be fitted. 

  Diagnostic Manuals for all makes and models of vehicle

Car Diagnostics ECU Remapping 
+  OBD 1 & 2 Software

Latest 2017 Version
Compatible with All Microsoft Windows


Key Features of OBD Software




The software will allow you analyse and diagnose any issues with your car saving you a fortune with mechanics bills. This software is used by professionals in garages up and down the UK. The software can communicate with and find out faults about many components just a few of which are shown below:


              * Speedometer
                * Brakes
                * Electrics
                * Central Locking
                * Anti-Theft Mechanism System
                * Heating and Air Conditioning
                * Sun-Roof
                * Suspension
                * Clutch
                * Dashboard Electronics
                * Plus much more


Real Time OBD Data Tracking

Real time data can be read showing you measurements such as :

* Speedometer
    * RPM
    * Temperature

    * LAC Value
    * O2 Value
    * Ignition Angle

    * Battery Voltage
    * Plus Many others


Increase Your Car Performance & BHP

The disc contains software which can help you unlock extra BHP to give you that little extra performance increase or even a little extra fuel economy. This service alone would cost hundreds in garage. The suite of manuals will also help you learn about your enginee management systems, transmission, immobilisers MiII and EOBD.


(XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10)