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OBD 2 and 1 Diagnostic software


Car Diagnostics ECU Remapping 
+  OBD 1 & 2 Software

Latest 2017 Version
Compatible with All Microsoft Windows
(XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10)

OBD Car Diagnostic Software
will allow you to use your OBD tool coomunicate with the vehicle.
There are 9 different pieces of software included IN THE PACKAGE.#
Many of these programs are used by professional mechanics and you are charged a heft sum for the report.
Almost all cars have OBD 2 ports as it was a legal requirement for them to be fitted.

The software will allow you to gather all data about any issue with your car saving you a fortune with mechanics bills.

This software is used by professionals in garages all over the UK.

The software can communicate with and find out faults about many components just a few of which are shown below:


              * Speedometer 
                * Brakes
                * Electrics
                * Central Locking
                * Anti-Theft Mechanism System
                * Heating and Air Conditioning
                * Sun-Roof
                * Suspension
                * Clutch
                * Dashboard Electronics
                * Plus much more